Friday, October 10, 2008

Great Grandma was a seamstress...

Clara Sunricker 1890 - 1987

This was my Great Grandmother's sewing machine. We lived next door to her when I was a child and she was a seamstress by trade, so I remember people from the small town coming and going all the time for measurements and fittings. This is my MOST favorite machine to sew on. It runs so smoothly! However, other than my own diligent cleaning and oiling, it hasn't been professionally serviced in over 20 years! lol (It has to be taken cabinet and all) I'm gonna break down and bring the old girl to Gloversville in a week or two for a full spa treatment. She still runs beautifully and quiet, but the timing is a little off.


susan said...

oh im so jealous!! to have a machine like that AND have it been given to you by your gr. gran...lovely. hehe when i first read your title, i thought it said sea mistress!!!haha whatever that is???