Wednesday, September 17, 2008

helloooooo !

Okay, busy summer (are there any that aren't?)
Son living in my sewing room while home from college for the summer, and considering that my fav quilting time is 4 am, hand work was called for. However, I did try one morning to provide him with earplugs and a rice bag for his eyes, but it was highly unsuccessful. This is my summer handwork project (well, mostly by hand, until it came to the quilting!)

Quilt Name: Buffy's Polynesian Adventure

p.s. It's a gift for Mommy-in-law, so SHHHHHHHHH!


upstateLisa said...

Hey Amy is that you? I just found your blog from the 6-12" mini quilt swap flickr group! It is me the refreshment girl from quilt guild! I recognized that cat quilt right away!

MissaB26 said...

You're right Amy! Had to stop by after you mentioned it last night to see, but that sun batik really sets it off!

Mystical said...

Hey, I just love my Buffy quilt, it is on display next to the embroidered Molly towel... what a beautiful,loving endeavor that I will cherish forever and ever. I love the sun batik also, it just makes everything pop. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
Love, Mystical